The Northern District is an integral part of the Communist Party of Britain.  Our members take part in the democratic process of framing national policy and are accordingly bound by it.  Our Party's programme, Britain's Road to Socialism, sets out a strategy for achieving socialism in Britain, involving class struggle, the building of a democratic anti-monopoly alliance with the working class at its heart, and the election of a new type of left government based on a Labour, socialist and communist majority.  We see this outcome as the result of struggle for an alternative economic and political strategy, of the sort which we have articulated under the name of the Left Wing Programme.

Policy is decided by National Congresses every two years - the next, our 50th, being due in May 2008.  In between National Congresses the Executive Committee has responsibility for giving overall leadership in applying Congress decisions and giving leadership to the Party as a whole; Branches, District and Nation Committees give effect to these policy decisions, applying them creatively in local circumstances.

District and Nation Committees are elected at Congresses held in the intervening years between National Congresses.  The last Northern District Congress was held in June 2007.  The resolutions which were carried analysed the economic, social and political situation in the North East and Cumbria, and elaborated policy in these circumstances.  They can be found by clicking here . 

Policy statements on important local issues follow:

Press Statement on Atmel Closure Announcement