Here you can find links to a number of other important web sites:

Communist Party of Britain
The national site, with all the latest news, archives and merchandise to buy.
cp flag


Northern Communists Facebook page


Newcastle & Gateshead Branch Facebook page


Durham, Darlington & Teesside Branch Facebook page

Morning Star
Daily paper of the left.  Essential reading for all socialists.


Morning Star Readers and Supporters, North East Facebook page


Scottish Committee Communist Party of Britain
Our friends and comrades in the North.  Lots of useful stuff on what's happening on the other side of the border.
scottish com

Communist Party, Cymru Wales
Welsh Committee Communist Party of Britain
Lots of useful stuff from our comrades over the other border

Northern Region TUC

Newcastle upon Tyne TUC

Tyne & Wear County Association of Trades Union Councils

North East People's Assembly

International Brigade Memorial Trust